Spring- Spring fishing begins with catch and release only.  This is some of our best fishing in my opinion those big fish are very smart so the less boat traffic the better your chances are of landing that fish of a life time. Large migrant striped bass fill the Chesapeake bay and its tributaries to do there yearly spawning.  The main spawning grounds are protected but other areas are open for catch and release only.  Early spring is a great time to catch that fish of your dreams. Also early may is the beginning of our 2 fish season. 

Summer-  Mid to late summer we have opportunities to catch multiple species of fish including Spanish mackerel, bluefish, red drum, and cobia. The striped bass are in large numbers but small size. Contact me to save your date in August-September it is the prime time for Bull Reds in our are your best chance at a fish of a lifetime and we are very successful at getting them in the boat 90% of the trips. 

Fall- Early fall as water temps drop the other species leave the bay for warmer destinations.  This is also when the rockfishing starts to heat up. We fish large schools of fish almost every day. Lots of big birds and fish to the mid 30s being caught.  

Winter- Winter keep season for striped bass normally ends late december. We continue to fish thru the winter. Winter can be very slow and not many fish but when you do find them they are normally the big migratory fish.